loungewear from basic to chic
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6 tips to take your loungewear from basic to chic

It was past the days when our clothes were mostly made of work clothes, party clothes and many things we wore when we came out. Thanks to spending a lot from the last two years at home, most of us now have a variety of loungewear too. From online meetings to virtual parties, everything happened at home. If you want a way to continue the comfort of comfortable loungewear but bring it out, this best loungewear guide will take you on the way.

These 6 tips are all you need to go from basic to chic


1. Dress in layers

Layers and outerwear are always a good way to improve your clothes, whatever you wear. You can add a few more different colours and textures to your clothes by adding them to the layer that is thought carefully. And that must apply to Loungewear too.

Take some clothes inspiration from this appearance. The white denim jacket can occupy the top of a pair of peach runners and the top white bonds. The black t-shirt tucked into a velvet green jogger will look more stylish with a long black waist-length above it.

2. Try co-ords

The co-ord trend has increased over the past few years, and with comfortable clothes on the front lines now, there are so many Loungewear co-order styles to choose from. One of the best parts of the sanitary napkin is that he takes his thoughts. You don’t need to worry about matching separation, and you can wear a two-piece suitable set. If you want to make it more flexible, you can play with accessories.

The black co-ord set only with elastic joggers and a round neck t-shirt has comfort and style for it. The thick typographic design adds a unique touch. You can also try Kappa’s joggers and crew neck t-shirt set in a Beige and White camouflage print.

3. Add a handbag

Apart from how basically your clothes might be seen to you, some fashionable accessories will change it in a short time. Are you going to walk or meet your best friend, a handbag will look good and be useful for storing your items. Choose to match or compare your clothes depending on the display you want.

The sling bag is the perfect simple casual bag that you can add to your loungewear clothes idea. Code’s Sling Bag in black with gold decoration is a stylish choice. Funny backpacks like the yellow textured from Ginger are also a good addition to your appearance.

4. Throw in some jewellery

If you are not someone who uses a lot of accessories, you can still dress up loungewear clothes with some smooth things. Some jewellery will illuminate your appearance easily. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets or even watches, will be very helpful in uniting your clothes.

The bracelet set decorated with Toniq gives you some different designs that will be easily paired with most of your clothes. A statement watch will also attract attention wherever you go – a minimalist grey watch with a metal net from Tommy Hilfiger is elegant and sophisticated.

5. Pick dressy sneakers

Shoes play a big role in the appearance of your clothes or casual clothes. A pair of sandals immediately gives a more relaxed vibration, while a pair of heels look more complicated. If comfort is why you really like Loungewear, and you want to stay away from high heels, you can still look chic by choosing shoes that are decorated instead of solid couples.

Brown lace shoes from raw leather with thick white soles are decorated with white gold and gold and shiny gold patterns. Casual Shoes Tie-Dye Gray Catwalk has a sparkling velcro rope.

6. Crop your tops

Swapping your regular Tee for those who are cut is a simple trick for other loungewear arrangement tips that are easy to use. Working closely with Baggier’s buttocks, a tighter silhouette plant top can completely improve your figure and emphasize your body shape. You can find the peak of plants in various designs and fabrics to maintain comfort but with an extra style point.

A pair of unique shaved waist shorts with cartoon moulds can be paired with a half-sleeved cropped hoodie. You can also fly the denim burning with the crew’s neck top.